Oasis Animal Shelter-Selecting a Dog

Choosing the Right Dog

Choosing the Right Dog For You:

Before you leave home,write down the characteristics you want most in a dog, so that you have objective reasons for eliminating inappropriate dogs for your home or lifestyle.

At the shelter, walk slowly past each dog. Stop to watch each and think of all of them as a possible pet. We've found it's helpful to not compare or eliminate dogs at this point. This first round is for pleasure only.

Make a second pass to narrow the choices. At the end of the second pass, make a list of the dogs you have selected.

Make a third pass to focus only on the dogs on your list. Measure each dog by your original preference list and cross off any dogs that are inappropriate.

When you have finished, ask the OASIS attendant about the dogs you have selected. The attendant can give you indications about the dogs' habits and personalities.

The final step in any adoption is a visit to your vet. Inform your vet that you are considering an adoption so s/he can schedule your dog for a checkup. If you don't have a vet, ask the OASIS staff, as we can provide you , names of vets in your area.










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